Blogging Nightmare

26 April, 08:57, by admin

I have been unable to post pictures on my blog today. What’s going on?, reading list gone,The blogs I am following are no longer showing up on my dashboard. What do I do Suddenly all of the blogs I was following have disappeared from my list. Alis, Twitter is no longer posting to my Blog.just opened up my dashboard and all the blogs I was following have been erased. Is there a reason and what can i do about restoring them,Successfully linked my mobile device to my blog last night, and sent a post via MMS with no issues. Tonight, MMS posts are not getting through. (There’s no confirmation sent back to phone, and the posts do not appear in my drafts list.)just logged in to my Blogger account, and the blogs that I’ve been following, that I searched out and added to my list, have all disappeared. What happened and how can I get them back?You can still see them on my profile, but not until I went to a blog I used to follow and signed into it, then they all appeared on my profile again. But not a darn one of them are showing up on my dashboard so that I can click and read the new posts. Why?

Be ensured that when I try to insert some text into the description that it is within the 500 character limit, but it still gives me the bX-iqb1lt error.

Please help!A few days ago I did custom domain for my blogspot. But after two days ago I can’t access my new custom domain, please help me.I have set DNS from my c panel domain, but something happen suddenly. Please, help me for blogger support team got the links gadget on my blog but it won’t allow me to add any more links to it. I can’t add a new links gadget because that won’t allow me to add links either. I cannot click on the ‘add links’ button. Please help! blog ] is displaying a Search box & text in its header area. This box is an overhang from a 3rd party Template I used previously (from BTemplates) but I now just use a standard Blogger template. It’s as though the previous template has left this behind. But I have scoured the HTML and there is no mention of it anywhere. If it’s not in the HTML where the hell can this thing be? It’s driving me crazy.

Can somebody please help? When you look for the code, are you checking the Expand Widget Templates box at the top right of the template editor?

It’s not a widget, so it may become visible. Of course, it could also be Header widget data, and remain hidden. Here’s the complete code that produces the search box:Before making a change:Template modifications require a Full Template Download first.Dashboard > Layout > Edit Html > Download Full Template and you will have a backup on your computer.Changes are made right on that page, in the template editor.

Another option would be to revert your template widgets.

After backing up the template, on the Layout > Edit Html page the Revert widget templates to default is to the left of the Clear Edits button.

Click that after making sure you are on the right link. The other revert link will do very bad things.Since all of your widgets appear to be normal ones, that should work with no change to the blog, except for the search box. But, if you get a delete warning, look the list over carefully.

If anything undesirable happens, immediately use the Upload a template from a file on your hard drive: line on that page to browse for and upload the saved template.After posting, my post doesn’t appear on my blog. Yesterday the scheduled one didn’t appear until many hours after it was supposed to. Could my blog have a virus?

Can someone help me with this? Is there a place to talk to blogger? I can’t seem to contact them. My posts are on my blog somewhere because they update on other people’s blogs who are linked to mine but they are not on my blog page. I have deleted all browsing history and cookies and restarted the computer but nothing is working tried opening with Firefox and it is still the same. It’s like the blog is stuck on a post from two days ago. There are two other posts after that that do no appear on the blog but you can get them from other people’s pages and they have appeared on my Facebook page since I have my blog linked to my Facebook

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Paid advertising – should you use it?

25 April, 12:05, by admin

Hello again,

Is paid traffic worth it? Here are a few things to consider before you start shelling out the bucks to promote your website – whether you are promoting your affiliate site or your own product site.

First of all, how fast do you want to start making money? Most people say “are you crazy? Right now!” but hold off for a second. The majority of people do want fast cash, but believe me it’s not that easy. The fastest way to make money online is to:
1) Pick a real “winner” right out of the gate
2) Use PPC (pay per click) or other paid advertising

Now I’m not saying that’s hard, because there are lots of great products you can start making money from almost instantly. However you must do your research if you really want to make money using PPC! Many will tell you just find a few good keywords, create your ad(s), and start raking in the dough! Yeah, right.

The problem is, if it is a really good product chances are there is lots of competition! And you know what that means – the cost per click is going to be steep. Here’s an example of what I mean:
I use a website called to check keyword prices for comparison. If you type in the search term “diet pill” you find that there are 14,900,000 results for the term and it costs about $2.33 per click on average! That’s a very competitive market for sure. On the other hand if you type in the term “stamp collecting” you will find about 2,260,000 results and an average cost of.81 cents per click! The point is, you can really see a difference in costs depending on the relative popularity of a topic. So if you want to start promoting a really hot item, be prepared to pay the price up front. Of course, don’t forget you can limit the daily amount you pay for you PPC campaign, using either Google or Yahoo. That way you don’t break the bank before you start figuring out how to get sales.

So does that mean you can’t or shouldn’t do it? Of course not, it just means be very careful of the products you promote, and make sure if you do promote a hot product you do your keyword research very diligently before starting. That means finding the “long-tail” phrases that people are using to buy your product, not the 1 or 2 words they type into Google to research something, or lookup a school assignment project! This article is too brief to go into great detail, but there are plenty of tutorials for finding targeted keywords in your niche product. I suggest reading a bunch before shelling out the cash to PPC engines.

One of the other ways to do paid advertising is through banner ads, which has been making a bit of a come back of sorts lately. For awhile the “annoyance” factor, as well as the cost, of these ads drove people away. However you will find some pretty cost-effective sites that allow you to get quick traffic without spending a fortune. Some are a pay per view, so you would pay a dollar amount for every thousand impressions of your ad are shown. Most sites charge per click, just like the PPC model of Google, so if nobody clicks your ad you aren’t charged. Again you have to weigh for yourself after some testing to decide whether your ROI is worth it – are you making a profit above what your ads are costing? If not, either you adjust your ad, show it on a different site with more appropriate content to your product, or move on.

No matter what type of paid advertising you use, you have to do testing to gauge the results. Create several ads, using different text, to which words cause people to click the most. This is crucial in any PPC campaign! Luckily this type of testing is made pretty easy in both Google and Yahoo, and you can create many ads to find out exactly which words work the best. In the mean time, don’t forget to use “bum marketing” techniques that get traffic, too! It’s the combination of free traffic and paid traffic that will eventually help you keep your costs down, and thus make more money. To find a list of free marketing techniques, see one of my other articles…

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3 Easy Steps to Affiliate Marketing SEO

24 April, 08:36, by admin

Adwords has really changed the way people are marketing in the last 3 months or so making it extremely impossible for anyone to use replicated websites. As a result, people are choosing affiliate marketing seo to generate leads. You cannot optimize content on most affiliate sales pages since you don’t have control over the content, so you have to go about it in a roundabout way. It’s not as quick or targeted as ppc, but it can be just as effective.

The first step is to identify different groups of people that might benefit from the products you are marketing and brainstorm various keywords and keyword phrases that they would regularly search for. Use Google’s keyword tool to estimate traffic and competition. Avoid affiliate marketing seo for terms that have less than 1000 searches per month. What good is optimizing for keywords that never get searched, right? Also try to avoid terms that have high rates of competition. The lower the competition, the easier it will be to get your content ranked highly.

The next step is to write your articles. Keep your articles between 350 and 500 words (shorter is better) and use your key word phrase once every 80-100 words. Add a good resource box and include your affiliate link so that people can find your site. Submit the article first to (it’s the most popular) and then 4 other highly trafficked article directories. Include a back link to your article in the 4 you submit to other directories for affiliate marketing seo purposes.

The third step is to create more back links using different social networking and social media sites. Comment in 5 (or more if you have time) different forums and include the link to your article. Post the link on your FaceBook page and send it out via twitter. The more back links to your article the better it looks to Google, so spend a little time each day creating a few back links for affiliate marketing seo and you will have articles that drive traffic and generate leads for you forever.

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This is closely allied with delivery service but is a little more complicated. Messages and small packages (often of very important papers) that are sent by messenger are almost always expensive or urgent (or both). They can be deed that is needed to transact an important real estate deal, a note that is being paid off, a package of valuable bonds that are being traded, or an affidavit that must be signed immediately and gotten back to the broker.

A messenger service generally requires more speed, accessibility, reliability (human and vehicle than a delivery service.

In a smaller town environment, it should be sufficient to have a beeper system, where the office can alert messengers in the field to call response time.

A defense lawyer in court may not be able to wait 30 minutes for a messenger on an errand to call in. In the larger cities a radio telephone will become a must in order to compete with the “big boys.”

In preparing for your messenger service, plans can be made to “get by” until the business is established, but long range plans should include a system to provide almost instant response in order to be the best service in town.

As mentioned above, messengers frequently are called upon to handle not only important packages, but also expensive ones–as in the case of negotiable bonds, and partially completed documents concerning ownership.

Each messenger should be bonded — not only to deter theft, but to ensure potential customers that their important papers and valuables will be handled only by bonded personnel — a major pint with some organizations.

Bonding can be obtained through most any insurance agency and is usually not very expensive.

Another important consideration is scheduling and the establishment of priority procedures.. The messenger must know which deliveries (or pickups) take priority over others — and that you, as a company must be able to explain this policy to customers.

If a delivery is delayed, the customer whose package is late has much right to know the reason as the one who gets priority treatment. The easiest way to solve this dilemma is to establish your rates based on priority (it is also the most profitable solution).

For example, you might charge $5 to pick up and deliver a package up to 2 pounds that calendar days; $7.50 to do it before noon, and $10 to “drop everything” and do it now.

Remember, however, that the $5 jobs still have to be done the same day — they CANNOT be postponed without serious damage to your reputation. If you EVER have to do that, be sure and inform your clients in advance! Remember the old, but same advice: Surprise people with GOOD news, not bad.

There are distinct similarities in delivery and messenger services, and there is no doubt that the two could be combined in the less populated area where there is not much competition.

A new business could also provide both types of service initially, and then “gravitate” towards whichever seems to be the best. In either case, it is necessary to build a reputation for honesty and dependability.

The biggest chance for major problem in either would be an accident (or incident) that was not adequately insured. If you have the necessary insurance, do a good job and advertise your service well, you have an excellent chance of building your service into a very rewarding business.

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6 Powerful Tips to Find an Online Job in Data Entry

22 April, 17:03, by admin

There are plenty of ways and jobs to choose from when aiming to work on your pajama’s, well I meant online. Some are more profitable than other programs, some has high conversion, some pays well, some pays low. But whatever the salary is finding a job online is more dependable than a contractual offline job that retrenches especially during periods of recession and unstable economy. The traditional, ordinary and still dependable job to look for online that pays well is data entry. Ponder the powerful tips from this article:

How data entry works?

Data entry job is very simple yet gives lucrative results. The job is basically filling up a form with data given by a client or a company that needs your service. Thousands of companies hire data entry personnel online to do virtual inventory, filling up a report, filling a simple ad for the companies to reach prospect buyers. This improves the company’s sales and is a win-win scenario because the data entry personnel receive more cash bonuses other than the hourly rate.

Who can apply this job?

-Basically anyone from around the world can apply and do this job; as long as s/he owns a PC with internet connections. A client will send a list of instructions and the job of a data entry personnel starts from organizing the information so that it is presentable and easily readable. Most companies require basic knowledge in Microsoft Word, Excel and Database but it’s easy to learn all of this. Other companies call and provide for some special software or program to do specific jobs. With the instructions and in with actual work one can get used with it.

Tips in finding Online Data Entry Jobs that suits for you:

· Contact the employer or sign-up to be able to know if the company is hiring as of the moment. If they are, don’t forget to ask for the rates. Choose the highest one, you’re working for the same hours and almost the same work get the highest paying one.

· Clients who requires your service are usually work at home jobs, ask for an upfront before doing the job or at least a written promise that you will get paid in this days of the month.

· Use a Pay pal account to receive your income. Most clients already have Pay pal so that’s not a problem anymore. Don’t trust too much with checks because some checks are frauds.

· Work as fast as you can and process forms but of course conform to the instructions.

· Set a deadline for yourself, you don’t have to be spoon fed if you are in the job. You should be independent and ambitious enough to get your target. The more work means more income for you.

· You can browse at articles online to get to know more about the job. You’re not the only one who’s doing it.

I can suggest you to go to this site to get free information to apply for this position to 17,000 companies; please go to this site:

All of these sites are free and you will never be declined. A well mannered course and training will be given for you before you start so you would be working more prepared.

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5 Ways To Choose Your Shopping Cart Solution

22 April, 03:30, by admin

Starting an e-commerce can sometime be a hectic job. You need a number of software to start and more to stay in the business. So finding the right software for each and every matter is very important. The same applies for your online shopping cart system. There are so many e-commerce software in the market that you might get confused about which to choose and which to reject. So, to help you here are 5 tips to help you in this regard.

1. Start by narrowing down your search. Look for those software only, which you think are suitable for your business. Get details about the price too and general acceptance among e-commerce sites. The best software to get are those which get updated regularly. Such software makes sure that you will never fall behind in the race for supremacy. Also make sure that they can be integrated to any search engine to get maximum return.

2. Now is the time to get real life picture. Find out and use sites that are using the software. Make sure that you are satisfied with its functioning and then decide whether to buy it or not. Remember, that your e-shop looks just like you want it to be, so choose a shopping cart solution that bends to it and not the other way round.

3. Do not get overwhelmed with features of the software. Make sure that it contains all things you need. If there are extra features that may not help you; and you have to pay for it, then its best to avoid that software.

4. See to it that the vendor provides you with adequate after sales support with the software you choose. An e-mail requesting some information about some features is the best way to verify how reliable the company is. The quality and time taken for response will give you a good preview of what you can expect in future.

5. Finally, never ignore the reviews. They are actual testimonies of the users and if you find a problem repeated over and over again, stay away from that software. Similarly if you find people appreciating a feature then it is your assurance.

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It Doesn’t Take A Cash Gifting Expert To Make Money

21 April, 00:56, by admin

The world of the internet is very different than the world offline. While the internet world is still practically a baby, the internet has progressed far faster than anyone could truly imagine. Our world has virtually become dependent upon the internet world. In this internet world, we play games, send important messages to each other, we study and receive degrees, and we hear the daily news without the aid of the television or the newspaper. With all of this going on in the world of the internet, we can all make money online, too. There are multiple ways to make money online, as a matter of fact there are too many ways to make money online. One of these ways is cash gifting, however, many of the people who become involved in “cash gifting” never succeed because they don’t have the marketing skills necessary to succeed. Some people believe that they need to be a cash gifting expert, however, many people do not need to be a “cash gifting expert” is they join the right program.

Many people are looking to join the right money making programs, and many people are doing research so that they don’t get scammed. These people that are looking for money making programs are looking for home based businesses, too. While looking for “home based businesses, they run into cash gifting, and learn that it is a brilliant concept, however, many never get into it for various reasons of sorts. Contritely though, when nice people give, “cash gifting” can be forgotten, especially if these people doing research on these businesses find something better. However, is there something better than “cash gifting?” Something that the regular Joe and Jane can do that is not strictly for people who are “cash gifting experts?” Well, there is a program in which a person doesn’t need to be a “cash gifting expert” in order to succeed, and this program is called, “Nice People Give.” This newly launched program, “Nice People Give” is a perpetual cash leveraging program that enables people to succeed effortlessly. What if I told you that this “perpetual cash leveraging” program was automated and therefore, marketed for you? What if I told you that all you have to do in order to make money was to join? Would you? Would you join a program that didn’t have to promote if you didn’t want to? Not to mention, when one joins “Nice People Give,” they receive residual cash from all those who join under them to two generations deep!!! What this means is that when you join, you bring in John at the $3,500 level. This means that you now receive $2,500, and that $500 goes to your sponsor, and another $500 goes to whoever is the sponsor of your sponsor. Now, do you understand the power of this program?

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Affiliate Software Review: Is OSIAffiliate and PostAffiliate Good For My Business?

20 April, 10:31, by admin

You have looked over the internet and you find it hard to choose one affiliate program because you are afraid that they are not dependable. But you really need one to promote your product. If you are a skilled website developer or you know someone who can develop a website, you can use software where you can manage your affiliate program and can help you build a money-making affiliate network to bring more income online. There are tons of affiliate program softwares that you can choose from over the internet. Here are the 2 of them which you can consider to use.

A popular affiliate software is OSIAffiliate. This company provides strong and dependable tools that can help you set-up and manage your business in the best way. This promotional software allows you to advertise your website and build affiliate programs. OSIAffiliate was developed to guarantee that your website will develop and grow successfully and give first class advertisements. There are several good features of this software. It is very easy to set-up, it has multi-tier affiliate system and it can be used to any gateway companies. It will boost your sales and enhance your ranking on search engines. The best thing about this software is that it provides 1 year of free support and upgrades.

If you are cutting expenses and you’re looking for free affiliate program software, PostAffiliate is the right one for you. This free affiliate software is developed using the PHP script. It’s composed of the most important functions that will help you maintain and build your own affiliate program. You will need to have PHP version 4.1 or higher and MySql database to use this software. It features merchant control panel, control panel, click through and sales reports, lifetime supply of image banners and more.

Here are the 2 reviews and you will like to understand it before you make any investment into any of the software. Choose a good one and charge your way to online success.

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Keep Your Lab Created Gems Sparkling

19 April, 19:20, by admin

High quality loose cubic zirconia from a reputable source can be turned into visually flawless and sparkling pieces of jewelry that often go beyond the beauty that you could get with a natural diamond for a fraction of the cost, but because cz jewelry can be had for such a value people sometimes forget that it needs to be cared for just like a piece of jewelry made with a natural gem.

During this time of year people are using more creams, lotions and potions to keep their skin from chapping and cracking in the frigid weather and they are washing their hands more and lathering up with anti bacterial gel to prevent the spread of germs. If you keep your cz jewelry on while you go through these processes to keep your skin clean and healthy, your beautiful jewelry will begin to lose its shimmer and brilliance. If you want to keep the shine to your lab created diamond, you should remove it prior to washing or applying anything to your skin.

If your cz jewelry does start to lose it’s brilliance due to everyday wear, you should take the very same precautions while cleaning it that you would with your natural gem jewelry. Always use a cleaner that was specifically designed for cleaning jewelry as other cleaning agents may be too abrasive and could possible damage your lab created gem. Take your time and clean your jewelry with care as to not disrupt the setting and use a clean towel to pat it dry rather than rub.

Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings carefully crafted from high quality loose cz can be the most beautiful of any piece of jewelry you own, and if you care for it the same way you would a natural diamond that cost a substantial amount more, it will help to ensure that it stays that way.

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Find Your Motivated Seller

18 April, 10:09, by admin

Motivated sellers are what everyone involved in real estate investing is looking for; a motivated seller is someone who is very interested in selling their home. As a result, motivated sellers are the people who are the most likely to be flexible when it comes to the terms of the sale and the price point. Many people who deal in real estate investing as a business will not even bother dealing with sellers unless they are motivated sellers.
How do you find a motivated seller? You need to immediately look for information on why the person or people in question are selling their real estate. If unexpected plans have come up in a person’s life, such as a transfer at work / change of job, a divorce, or a situation where the owner of the house does not have the time or interest in upkeep of the place any longer, then the seller is more likely to work with you and give you the best terms on the location.
Remember that when you are working in the real estate investing sector, the most important thing to do is to manage your time effectively. Look for details in real estate listings which indicate a motivated seller so that you do not leave to check out a property unless you already have a good idea of what to expect. A seller who is not that motivated or uncertain about selling their property will simply lead you around in circles while they try to figure out what they want. During this time you could be making additional deals with people who are truly interested in selling.
In addition, sellers who want to get the full retail value of their property will cut into your profits to an extent that it really isn’t worth doing business with them. Look for the right fixer-upper property at a price which is dramatically slashed, or look for the seller who has to move in a hurry and just wants to unload a property to stop making payments on it. Once you make the decision to become involved with a property, that property will be a significant time investment for you until it is sold again, so wait until you have found the perfect property and the perfect seller before you make your deal. With a motivated seller you can maximize your profits and make the best use of your time

Happy Investing,

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