We Can’t Wait For Barack Obama

31 October, 06:13, by admin

There is no doubt that Barack Obama has his work cut out for him, with the staggering economy of the United States. The rest of the world is not doing much better. Foreclosures are at an all time high, the unemployment rate in the U.S is down right depressing. Times are rough for most people and businesses around the world, yet internet marketing is thriving. Affiliate marketing, pay per click, eBay, Google adsense, are all vehicles that people are using to make money on the internet.

I’ve heard stories of the days when people would graduate from high school, and if they didn’t go to college, they would get a good paying job. They would stay at their job for the next 30 or 40 years until retirement. Secure that, they at least had a good dependable income. They may never get rich, but they had a home, food and went on vacation once a year. They might even be able to help their children with their education expenses. Let’s not forget the guarantied pension that people would receive at retirement.

This kind of story will one day in history be considered an “Old Wives Tale”, if it’s not already.

We have to take control of our own lives. What ever position, financial or otherwise, that we find ourselves in, is because of the decisions we have made. Yes, we can blame the government. But we allowed ourselves to be put in the position to get screwed. We have let our lives depend on someone else and for the most part, that would be the government.

We need to change our way of thinking. I’m not going to get deep into this, but The Wealth Creator Source can help make those changes. The Wealth Creator Source is a series of powerful interviews by Raymond Aaron with some of the most influential people of our time. People like Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and Robert Kiyosaki to name but a few.

We need to create multiple streams of income. No longer can we rely on the “Old Wives Tales”.

The population in the United States in 2008 was 303,228,257 and the number of internet users was 222,723,436. In Canada the population was 33,999,500, the number of internet users was 23,999,500. All of Europe in total was 803,903,540 with 393,373,398 internet users. I haven’t even given the stats for the United Kingdom, Germany and the rest of the world, which are staggering.

Businesses of all sizes are turning to the internet. They search the web understanding it’s a better way of purchasing goods and services. The internet allows companies to save time and cost savings by shopping around for the best deals. People in general are purchasing more products through the internet.

Internet marketing is recession proof. If you want to start a business part time, then this is the way to go. I’m not going to tell you you’re going to make a fortune in a couple of months, although it is possible. You can get started in you’re spare time with a free blog from blogger.com and affiliate products. It won’t cost you a dime, just time. There are plenty of internet marketers who give away free internet marketing information to help get you started. There are also free affiliate programs you can join like Armand Morin’s affiliate program with support and products second to none. You can also purchase programs to teach and guide you on your path to success.

It’s time we step up and take control of our own lives. Nobody else is going to do it for us.

We Can’t Wait For Barack Obama.

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Hans Kristian Anderson is an affiliate marketer who has a passion for helping people succeed in internet marketing. Hans believes that to be successful you should follow the guidance of an internet marketer who has already walked the path you wish to travel.

Choosing An Affiliate Program – 3 Questions That I Will Ask Myself Before Joining The Program

30 October, 19:34, by admin

There are so many opportunities on the internet that many people are starting to look to the internet to find ways to make some money. One of the most popular model that people follow is the affiliate marketing model where the person will be able to promote other people’s products and earn commission the customer purchased the product. There are so many affiliate programs that are available online that you have to ask yourself these 3 questions before you join.

Questions #1 – Who Is The Merchant?

You will want to know who the owner of the product is and whether the merchant is reliable or not. The best thing that you can do is to do some research on the internet and you should be able to find the reviews that people have on the merchant. The last thing that you want to be in is to be in a relationship with a dishonest merchant.

Question #2 – What Is The Commission Structure?

You must know the kind of structure that the affiliate program is using. There are single tier and the multi tier affiliate program. If you join the single tier program, you will only be paid the commission that you have personally referred the sales. For the multi tier program, besides earn money from the sales that you have referred by yourself, you will also be earning commission from any affiliates that you have sponsored to the program.

Question #3- How To They Pay The Commissions?

This is the important information that you must take note as you will want to know how you will be able to receive the commission that you have earned. Most of the affiliate programs will pay through cheque or PayPal. You will want to do to some research on the reliability of the affiliate program as you want to make sure that they pay their affiliates on time. If you are not clear on certain issues, you should always contact the merchant to get the full details.

Here are 3 of the common questions that I will ask myself before I join any affiliate program. Do invest some of your time to do it as you will want to make sure that you are joining a good program that pays their affiliates on time.

About the Author

Zack Lim is an internet affiliate marketer who owns http://www.MyAffiliateMarketingOnline.com/FreeEcourse. He has helped hundreds of people to start their own affiliate marketing business.

He’s recently developed a free e-course showing you a step by step process for starting your own affiliate marketing business easier. To learn how to start your own affiliate marketing business without wasting your time and money, visit http://www.MyAffiliateMarketingOnline.com/FreeEcourse

The 3 Online Mistakes Even the Internet Millionaires Can Make

30 October, 13:20, by admin

Be it newbie or millionaire, there are some mistakes that are unavoidable when you engage in an internet business. The reason for this is simple. Despite the fact that there are internet millionaires that have made lots and lots of money in these kinds of venture, there are just some things that are out of control. Sometimes, even the little aspects that you can manage can add up to the reason why you are making a lot of mistakes in your internet marketing venture.

For people who have experienced making money online, the idea can be so powerfully addicting especially if you are just starting out. If you feel as though you are doing everything wrong, you are not alone. Here are some mistakes that even internet millionaires can make in an internet marketing opportunity.

Mistake No. 1: Not learning to step out of your comfort zone.

When you have been in the business for so long or even when you have just discovered how to start generating income online, you tend to focus too much on a particular marketing strategy and forget that diversity can help you earn more.

You have to avoid being complacent with an internet marketing business. Work hard and do step out of your safe area once or twice to explore other approaches that you can use as well.

Mistake No. 2: Not being able to concentrate your efforts appropriately with the internet business.

You simply just have a day when you feel a little too lazy to work on the things that you have to accomplish for your internet marketing venture. At times, you can’t avoid staying a little bit longer on the television rather than start reading your emails and update your mailing list.

It is important to maintain a daily schedule and take a break some times. But you have to make sure that you will follow your timetable strictly to ensure that you will prevent losing valuable opportunities for your online business.

Mistake No. 3: Not having a plan to follow when employing a marketing strategy.

Sometimes, you tend to trust yourself so well that you end up going for the kill without your weapon ready. When you do this in your online undertaking, you will more likely end up with the inability to use the strategy properly as you did not plan ahead.

Before employing a marketing technique for your internet marketing business, be smart enough to think about having an initial plan and a back up method just in case. This will allow you better application as you know already what to do when things do not work out the way you want them, too.

Your success in an internet marketing business is greatly affected by the mistakes you try to avoid and the winning strategies that you are able to push through. When you happen to make these mistakes, you don’t have to feel as though the world is falling down on you as these undesirable things can happen to others, even internet millionaires as well.

What you must do is to just work hard and don’t let anything get in the way. You can avoid these mistakes and learn along the way as you try to solve them for your internet marketing business.

About the Author

Jacky Chan is an experienced & professional internet marketer. Now, Reveal The Most Powerful Wealth-Building Secret Ever Discovered from The Internet Millionaire & The WORLD No.1 Best AFFILIATE MARKETER – EWEN CHIA at:- http://www.TheSecretsOfInternetBusiness.com. Yes! This is FREE!

Army Wife Jobs – One You Can Take With You

29 October, 05:08, by admin

There is one thing you can be sure of where the army is concerned. Just when you think you are settled somewhere, new orders will arrive and your family will be uprooted once again and moved to another base far away. That plays havoc with an Army Wife Jobs plans.

While this must be accepted as part and parcel of military life is can be difficult for the family of service men and women when they have to pack up and move to another base. It is especially difficult for an army serviceman’s wife if she herself wants to work and earn a decent income.

Good jobs are never easy to find and often employers are reluctant to take on a serviceman’s wife for fear that they wont be able to stay. This often means that the only jobs that seem to be available are the low paying ones.

So what are the alternatives?

One of the best ideas military spouse jobs is one that you can do via the internet. This means that when the orders for the move come, the computer can be switched off and once at the new location the jobs is still there, up and running once the computer starts again.

I believe that affiliate marketing is by far the greatest opportunity available and the possible income from this line of work can be excellent. Affiliate marketing is basically where companies pay a percentage of an online sale to the person who directed the customer to them. It is now a business worth about $7 billion worldwide and growing, despite the current economic downturn.

Learning how to operate this sort of business is vital before anyone tries it since there are many pitfalls for the unwary. It is however a business that you can begin with virtually no money and it is easy to promote a great number of products, become profitable and successful without spending a penny.

About the Author

I was a Naval Officer and I know how disruptive military life can be, especially for wives. Find out how you can learn affiliate marketing and create an online solution to the Army Wife Jobs problem.

Affiliate Marketing Tips – Choosing Between a Free Web Host Or Paid Web Host

28 October, 02:54, by admin

A web host is a company that stores your website on their servers and makes it accessible for others to access via the internet. So should you opt for free web hosting or paid web hosting for your website?

My advice is, if you are new to the internet and would like to explore the functionalities of having a website with no business links, feel free to try out the free ones. But if you are intending to set up a business related website, for e.g., for your affiliate business, do think twice about it!

If you have an affiliate business website on a free host, you may risk your website being down for no reasons. As you are not paying anything to warrant their customer support, do you think they will bother much? They might not even attend to your complaints and your website will be down for an unlimited time beyond your control! This will deeply affect your business in this downtime period as visitors who try to click on your page gets an error page instead. Do you think they will come back again? They will just think your website does not exist. You will face loss of traffic and potential earnings for that whole time.

Free hosts can also shut down your website anytime. If you have directed all your promotion links to the web address of this website, it’s going to be a big blow to suffer! Imagine if you have written tons of articles with this link and submitted them to many directories, it’s a nightmare to even think about modifying all the articles with this old link.

The reason why these companies can offer free hosting is because of the advertising revenue they get from your website. Notice all the annoying pop-ups or banners that are not part of your website? You have absolutely no control on the appearance of these advertising widgets if you are using their free hosting service. If these irritate you already, it would most likely affect your visitors as well. They might feel that your website do not look professional and credible enough for them to click and buy the product you are recommending.

On the other hand, by investing just a couple of dollars a month for a paid web host, you can have a greater peace of mind! Your website will also be more protected against any unnecessary downtime or shut down problems as legitimate web host companies rely a lot on customer feedback and reviews to build their business. A satisfied customer will introduce another customer, so on and so forth, so if they have a reputation of being reliable, it is the best form of advertising they can get.

It is also important to check if the paid web host company has excellent customer support as well. In the event that you have problems with your website, all you want is to get it up again as soon as possible. The best scenario is when you are able to reach their customer service in a very short time, and have someone help you fix the problem immediately. Time is very important in an online business. At the time your website is inaccessible, your potential customers are turned away, not by their choice. You may be losing their business in those precious minutes! It is not worth paying for an unresponsive web host who can’t give you the appropriate support when needed.

In general, I always recommend paid web hosting, especially if you are building the website for business in the long haul. If you do not wish to spend the money first, you can consider building your site on free blogging platforms and eventually upgrade it to one that is hosted with a web host when you are more ready.

About the Author

Angela is a passionate Affiliate Marketer who works from home and loves to teach others how to make money online.

Learn how you can make money too with her FREE 30 page step-by-step guide at http://www.myfortunekitty.com/freeaffiliatetips!

Adult Access Now – How to Make Money

26 October, 17:54, by admin

How to Make Money with Adult Access Now

I’m working on a write up as we speak; I know, it has been a really long time since I’ve been regular but cash flow has been outstanding, spread among a number of new networks where I have every offer I need so I’ve spent less and less time on the blog. I’ll replace this post with my how to tutorial, should be a solid 10-15 pages and take you exactly step-by-step (will be free of course since it’s not something against TOS/BH or easily saturated) to get some campaigns running with a very positive ROI.

I joined during the BETA launch of AAN as a successful CPA Lead affiliate. However, since I moved away from adult content due to poor payouts for the effort I have just started my first AAN campaigns in the last two weeks. I now have an, I think, unique approach at making some good funds from CPA survey protected adult content.

If you’re not signed up yet you should do so to insure you’re approved and ready to rock when my report comes out. You can sign up under my affiliate link at Adult Access Now which costs you nothing but pays me an extra 5% on what you earn or visit adultaccessnownetwork.com to sign up on your own – no hard feelings either way

Anyways here’s a quick vid of what I’ve been doing in the last couple of days. Keep in mind my adult sites are less than two weeks old made for this and I’m still tuning my promotion/traffic gen method but this is also a completely (or near to it) passive method. After initial setup of my site and traffic techniques (took about two days) the rest has been on auto pilot. If you build more sites and pump more traffic, since this is scalable, you can easily make a full time income with Adult Access Now.

You can also so that I convert around 13% at almost $0.70 per visitor to my site! This conversion rate should blow out of the water anything you’ve previously done with adult traffic. I mean $.70 per visitor to your porn site! Can’t beat that Stay tuned for my complete report and we’ll get you making some money soon!

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Here to provide valuable resources, please visit my site: Adult Access Now

Promote Tested Techniques to Your Affiliate Downline

25 October, 20:59, by admin

When it comes to affiliate marketing, education is the key to success. If you don’t know how to properly market your own business or product then it’s time to take a step back. It’s impossible to train your affiliate downline if you don’t bother to educate yourself first.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Imagine that you’re a downline affiliate who’s working with a mentor. What happens if you have questions about the program but your mentor has no answers? They lose all credibility as your go-to guy.

Now imagine that you’re the mentor with no answers. Why would your affiliates stick with you and your program if you’re not serious about it? Why would they trust you to help them succeed if you can’t lead them in the right direction?

The answers are simple. They won’t. They won’t trust you and they will move on to find someone who’s genuinely interested in their success. Don’t be the go-to guy with no answers!

They joined your program because they already believe in your product. They want to make money with a product they trust. They just need a gentle push in the right direction. They also need you to build a wall that keeps them from going the wrong way.

Building Walls With The Bad And The Good

The downfall of many mentors is that they forget to give their affiliates a heads up on what not to do. Don’t let your downline affiliates waste time on techniques that have no payout. Their time is better spent implementing techniques that you’ve already tested.

Provide techniques that will create profit for every tier of your affiliate downline. Take the proper measures to ensure they learn to duplicate those techniques. Your affiliate business will be a great success as long as you provide proven recruiting and training techniques.

Don’t Do Anything

When downline affiliates are left to their own devices, they fail. They not only fail, they fail miserably. These failures not only result in lack of determination but also the potential loss of entire affiliate downline chains. No one sticks with a failing business.

If you’ve taken the time to draw the interest of a person, show them your dedication by taking the time to help them succeed. There’s no point in having thousands of affiliates if they’re all wandering around in the dark. Word of mouth advertising is the best and worst form of advertising.

Test Everything

New marketing techniques are being created every day. Spend your time learning about the new techniques and researching them. Put them into action yourself. It’s better to have one person doing the testing instead of every person in your affiliate downline.

Jumping on a bandwagon is often thought of as a bad thing. When it comes to marketing, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Take every marketing campaign you see for a test drive. You never know when you may find a new ride.

Share Your Findings

One out of every ten new techniques may fit your affiliate business’s marketing plan. When you decide what doesn’t work for your program, share that information with your downline. On that same note, share the good stuff, too.

Don’t stop by telling your affiliate downline what does and doesn’t work. Take the time to explain and answer any questions they may have. Their success depends on it as much as yours.

A marketing, recruiting or training technique that works for you will work for your downline affiliates equally as well. This in turn will increase your profit. You want them to succeed. If they don’t succeed then you don’t succeed.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. The same is true of affiliate marketing. In the case of affiliate marketing, your affiliates not only feed themselves, they also help feed you.

About the Author

Tiva Kelly is the Head of Article Coaching and offers advice to authors at
Article Marketer, a highly popular article distribution service. Learn more about Writing Great Content here.

Make Your First Million in Niche Affiliate Marketing

24 October, 08:28, by admin

Do you think that it is possible for you to make your first million online? Some people have the dream of making millions of dollars online, while some just want to make a living online, or maybe an extra stream of income. So do you know what you want in your niche affiliate marketing business?

You must find out what is your goal before you can achieve it. Many people did not know what they really want in their life, and that is why they are living a mediocre life. Without knowing where to go and what to achieve, you are not going to create any amazing results in life. So the first thing if you want to succeed in niche affiliate marketing is to find out what you really want, how much you want to earn.

Although it may seem that this is a very simple task, don’t underestimate it. Only if you have a goal and plan, you will keep focus in your daily to-do tasks. Just imagine that if you don’t have a goal and plan, how are you going to build a house? Unless you have a plan, or you will not know what to do to achieve your goal. This is the number one principle in order to make your first million in niche affiliate marketing.

Once you have a clear and specific goal, you need to break it down. For example, if your goal is to make $10,000 in 5 months, then you will have to break it down, which means, you need to make $2,000 a month. What you should do next is to just focus in your smaller goal, which will be to make $2,000 a month. Is $2,000 a month now more possible to achieve or $10,000 in 5 months? The smaller always seem easier to achieve, although they are the same.

This is how you should work on your niche affiliate marketing business. Dream it big, but focus in smaller steps. That is why if you come across some affiliate programs which only make you $3 or $4, it may seem like a small amount, however, when added up each month; it is going to be a huge amount.

Think about it, what if you can make a few $3 sales a week? In the end of the month, you are going to have an extra grand in your pocket. Focus in smaller goals, dream about big ones. This is the ‘secret’ how you can make your first million in niche affiliate marketing.

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Discover how you can earn money online the fast, easy and automatic way. Grab your Free Download of 2 weeks e-course, Automatic Online Profits, www.easyautomaticprofits.com.

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Project Quick Cash Affiliate Marketing Course Review

23 October, 16:33, by admin

Project Quick Cash was created by Alok Jain. This domain was registered in September of 2007. This course is based on the premise that in order to earn a full time income online you need to start working harder rather than smarter. It’s really not about the hours you invest but what you do with those hours that matter the most.

When I started investigating this opportunity further I realized that this is not about Writing Articles, SEO, Pay Per Click, creating converting Squeeze Pages or any of the standard stuff you hear about each day. The methods Project Quick Cash teaches do not cost you any money or very little money to get started, but once the roller coaster starts it doesn’t stop. There are 5 total methods they teach, and each of these can be executed in less than one hour.

These methods have been broken down for marketing newbies assuming no prior knowledge of the internet. In fact the owner of Project Quick Cash is the first to admit that SEO, Pay Per Click and Article Marketing do work, as I can attest to that myself. But the problem lies in how much time these methods take to implement and that not everyone has the time these days to master these skills nor the patience to implement them properly.

Project Quick Cash will teach you how to earn more than your fair share from the dozens, sometimes hundreds of Internet Marketing launches that occur each week. Within about one hour you’ll learn how to squeeze money out of every new product that hits the market. You will learn how to make massive Google Adsense Income with just 30 minutes of setup work.

One of the other techniques that Project Quick Cash will show you is how to obtain inexpensive clicks from Google Adwords that have conversions over 10%. Doing this a small $5.00 investment can make you $300.00 over and over. What I personally feel is real exciting about this course, is that you’ll learn to promote Clickbank Products outside of the Internet Marketing niche. These are products with almost zero competition. You’ll learn how to make hundreds of dollars in commissions each time you promote one of these.

Many of the written testimonials I’ve seen on this page are from high profile marketers who are documented multi six figure or seven figure income earners. This is what tempted me to review this course as I see it carrying real good credibility. Project Quick Cash is one of these types of courses that I would recommend if someone was stuck. I see it obvious that at the worse case scenario, it will increase anyones Affiliate Marketing skills. I also thought the price on their website being well below $100.00 was very fair.

About the Author

Learn more about Yoli Blast Caps and Project Quick Cash from MLM Review Kings Brian Garvin & Jeff West.

Should Internet Marketers Use Private Label Rights?

23 October, 14:53, by admin

First, it is important to note that all internet marketers need
information for their online business. We need information for
our newsletters, our websites, our blogs, our information
products, our list building efforts, our ebooks, etc. One of
the resources that is available for us is Private Label Rights

What are Private Label Rights?

First, it is important to note that all internet marketers need
information for their online business. We need information for
our newsletters, our websites, our blogs, our information
products, our list building efforts, our ebooks, etc.

Since we are in business to make money online, we need to
provide information that will be useful and beneficial to our
readers and customers. In the short and the long of it, we
must be authors.

As authors involved in internet marketing how do we get our
information? We research. We talk to people. We read and study
what others have written. We get it from our own knowledge and

One of the resources that is available for us is Private Label
Rights (PLR).

Some are afraid of PLR and say they don’t use it. Yet, they
will say that one way to produce a product is to outsource it.
Well, PLR is just outsourcing in that the information is
already available, already produced. The author of the PLR
wrote it and made it available to you. So now, you don’t
have to go out and find someone to write for you.

You don’t have to contract the work out. You don’t have to say
would you write an article or ebook for me on this subject and
when we agree on what you will do and the price, I will pay you
to produce the product for me.

You just pay someone who has already written something about
your subject of interest and he gives you the right to use it
as you like. You can just publish it again with you as the
author or you can edit it to make it more like you want it.

Whither the product came from outsourcing or PLR, it has become
yours to do with as you please.

It becomes a part of your research, a part of your collection
of information on some subject. Now you take all of the items
in your research material and mold it all together to make your
own statement. Is it original? Yes, if you envelop your
thoughts and do not copy it word for word.

For example, how many ways can you say, “Columbus discovered
America in 1492.” Yet, new history books are written every
year for our public school systems and they all tell the story
about Columbus discovering America in 1492.

How do they do it? They collect all the references that they
can and mold the information into their own style and
interpretation of what happened. That’s all we do with PLR. We
mold it to fit the situation and message that we want to convey
at the time.

The internet is the greatest source of information in the world
and yet it is added to each and every day. There properly is
not a subject in existence that has not been written about on
the internet. And if you are willing to spend the time, you can
find it. But you can bet that someone will write about it again
in the future only they will put their slant and thoughts into

So don’t be afraid of PLR, just use it as a source and rewrite
it to fit your ideas and the time and situation you are concern

I suspect that in the world of network marketing no subject has
had more attention given to it than list building. New or
different approaches come out almost daily and yet the message
is the same – you must build a list.

So if you want to write about list building, do your research,
find some PLR, outsource it, whatever. Then take all of the
documents from your research and write your own list building
article or ebook. I can almost guarantee that before the start
of the New Year someone will.

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About the author: Lonnie Minton writes about Promoting Affiliate
Programs and Affiliate Marketing in his newsletter, eCourses,
and eBooks. Visit his blog at
Sign up for his Promoting Affiliate Programs Ezine at

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